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StockHolding arranges Loan Against Securities /Home Loans/Loan Against Property/Education Loan/Personal Loan/Business Loan/Auto Loan . It has tie ups with reputed Banks and NBFC's that offer the most competitive interest rates and efficient class service. StockHolding assists in documentation and processing.The facility is available across all the branches of StockHolding

Salient features of various loan products are given below : *

Loan Against Shares

Loan on approved scrips, mutual funds, fixed deposits, Insurance, Bonds to the extent of 40 - 70% of market value/NAV for various amounts

Home Loans

Loans are provided for purchasing flat/villa etc, home improvement.

Payment, repayment and income stream is considered while structuring the loan.

Loan Against Property

It may be taken for purchase another property, business or personal needs, renovation of property or any other specific purpose

Education Loans

For various courses to be pursued by students in India and abroad.

Income tax benefits u/s 80(E).

Can provide loan even more than 20 lacs.

Partial collateral accepted.

More than one co-borrower from multi location acceptable.

Repayment tenure upto 10 years.

Personal Loan

Loans may be for various personal/commercial purposes.

Business Loan

May be for working capital requirements, small loans for short-term, loans for inventory, businesses seasonal in nature.

Auto Loan

Loans can be availed for purchase of vehicles both for personal and commercial usage.

*conditions apply