Fund Invest is a basket of financial products, ranging from fixed income investments like FDs, Bonds, Debentures and Capital Gain Bonds to variable income products like IPOs of equities and Mutual Funds

Debt Funds : Debt funds have the mandate of investing primarily in Debt. Govt. authorities, Private Cos., Bank & FI are some of the major issuers of debt paper. These funds ensure low risk & provide stable income. Debt funds include- Gilt Funds, Income Funds, MIPs, Short Term Plans( STPs), Liquid Funds

Equity Funds : The Equity Funds have the mandate of investing primarily in equities. The Funds are sub classified depending upon their investment objectives:

Diversified Equity Funds

Mid Cap Funds

Sector specific funds

Tax saving Funds

Equity investments are meant for a longer time horizon, this rank high on the risk-return matrix.

Balanced Funds:-The Balanced Funds have the mandate of investing both in equities as well as debt papers. Equity part provides the growth & the debt part provides stability in returns.

CAPITAL GAIN (54 EC BONDS):-An opportunity to save capital gain tax Sec 54 EC of Income Tax Act, 1961 relates to exemption of long term capital gains if invested in bonds as approved from time to time by Government of India. StockHolding is presently distributing Govt. of India approved capital gain bonds of NHAI & REC.

FIXED DEPOSITS:- Fixed Deposits issued by Financial Institution with high investment rating and blue-chip Companies, are distributed by us.

** At present, StockHolding is distributing FD’s of the following entities :

Bajaj Finance Limited

Cent Bank Home Finance Limited

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd

Exim Bank of India

HDFC Limited


LIC Housing Finance Ltd

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd

National Housing Bank(Sunidhi and Suvridhi)

PNB Housing Finance Ltd

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd


** Investment in financial instruments are subject to risk. StockHolding is acting as a facilitator between the client and the respective Fixed Deposits accepting / inviting Company ('Principal'). Before taking a decision to invest in the Fixed Deposits of the Principal, the clients are requested to carefully go through the application form, financial statement/s and other information ('Information') of the Principal. StockHolding does not endorse and / or certify the Information provided by the Principal. Under no event shall StockHolding be liable legally or otherwise for any losses or damages monetary or otherwise.